SNES Dejitter Mod Install

The SNES and SFC are known to have somewhat unstable sync. This can cause issues with some TVs, especially when used with the OSSC. Marqs (creator of the OSSC) developed this fix for the issue which removes any visible jitter and increases compatibility with modern displays. The procedure is basically the same for all revisions – replace the stock oscillator with this mod – but the specifics vary.


  • 4.5 mm game bit
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Soldering iron
  • Solder wick, pump, and/or desoldering iron
  • Flush cutters (recommended)


  • Dejitter mod
  • Solder
  • Flux (recommended)
  • Wire
  • Double stick mounting tape

SNES Jr. Procedure

Note that this guide shows the console with an RGB bypass. On the dejitter PCB, close the JP3 jumper. I had to use a small bit of wire to bridge the gap. You may also want to flow a bit of solder onto the other pads at this point. If you are using an older version of the mod (older than version 1.2), remove R14 instead.

Flip the PCB over and put some electrical tape over the back. Make sure that no metal is left uncovered. You may want to trim the legs of the oscillator if they stick out so that they don’t pierce the tape. Attach mounting tape to the underside of the board.

Open up your console, following the appropriate disassembly guide if needed. Remove the motherboard from the case and flip it over. Secure the dejitter PCB to this location on the back of the motherboard.

Remove C3 and X1 from the SNES circuit board as shown. X1 is actually on the top of the circuit board, but it is soldered on the underside.

Connect the wires as shown. If you had previously installed an RGB bypass board, make sure to remove the c-sync wire and replace it with these connections. Then reassemble the console and enjoy!